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New applications for RapidHeaters

We have now taken RapidHeat from initial concept to working prototypes and are looking for partners to help us exploit this new technology for mutual benefit.

The combination of high thermal conductivity with high electrical resistivity is behind RapidHeat's unique effectiveness. Hot water is available within two seconds without the need for a bulky reservoir. The illustration below shows the size for a typical domestic installation.

RapidHeat can be used in kitchens, domestic and commercial, food processing, hospitals, laboratories and hot drink making and vending.

People who rely on vending machines for tea and coffee know the difference between a drink that has been made with freshly boiled water and one that contains stale, pre-heated water. Existing machines require an accumulator filled with pre-heated water to overcome the delay between switch-on and the availability of water at the correct temperature; a RapidHeater would eliminate that need and provide freshly heated water at the appropriate temperature immediately. Which means significant savings in both space and running costs.

In addition to vending machine suppliers, white goods manufacturers and hot water tap providers also stand to benefit from the innovation. The average UK household wastes 24 litres of water a day just waiting for the shower to become hot enough - an instant hot water RapidHeat solution installed in the home offers customers a water and energy saving solution.

Another advantage is that, because the RapidHeater does not need preheated water, the heater cannot run out. Water heaters capable of producing large volumes of ‘instant’ hot water are needed in many commercial, industrial and public buildings and also in process and manufacturing industries that have intermittent demands for large volumes of hot water. These are cases where peak demand for hot water is many times the average, and the cost of heat losses from the hot water stored to meet that demand can be significant.

The RapidHeat project has demonstrated the feasibility of using the technology for this purpose and has reached the point at which we need to bring in additional industrial partners to commercialise RapidHeat technology and to bring it to market for use as a water heater.

If you want to find out more about this exciting new development and think your company has the right market position to exploit it effectively - contact us now.

RapidHeat Brochure

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RapidHeat infographic

The Rapidheat story in visual form. This colourful infographic demonstrates how RapidHeat works, the market background and how you can profit from this new way of heating water.

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Boiling water within two seconds

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