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Cressall Resistors is a leading supplier of power resistors globally. Our core capability is the safe and reliable dissipation of surplus electrical energy that cannot be stored or re-used.

We design, manufacture and sell power resistors for several market applications including power generation, high and medium voltage power distribution, marine and offshore electrical systems, drives and controls for cranes, hoists and industrial machinery, rail traction and standby power systems.

We have an enviable distribution network to serve our customers globally. Recently, Cressall launched its EV2 water-cooled brake resistor for the electric vehicle market - a small device which can continuously and safely dispose of regenerated current during braking when batteries are full.

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Interbil manufactures and distributes a wide range of heating technologies including industrial furnaces, heating elements (including graphite and silicon carbide), burners, refractory, insulating materials and instrumentation.

We are value added representatives for several EU heating technology manufacturers including AEG (UK) and Kerfa (Germany). In addition, we offer our customers complementary services to support their thermal processes including technical support, maintenance and repair.

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Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers Commercial Enterprise (TTMDI) was founded to support the activities of Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers (TTMD), which is a non-profit organization.

The support is targeted at increasing the technical capacity of TTMD members and other actors in the sector. Therefore, TTMDI can involve in all business related activities in the fields of HVAC and Sanitary Engineering. TTMDI and TTMD have the same President and Board of Directors and their headquarters are based in Ankara.

TTMD has 13 representatives and also has more than 1600 members (mostly mechanical engineers), who support the activities of TTMDI fully, in different cities across Turkey.

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The UK Intelligent Systems Research Institute (ISRI) was formed to provide specialist research and development expertise to European businesses, in particular SMEs. ISRI benefits from its location between the universities of Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough and has access to over 500 researchers, scientists and engineers through its innovation network.

ISRI is focused on providing high-quality R&D in the area of intelligent systems and to achieve this is divided into several research groups each with their own individual specialisms, including:-

  • Analogue, digital and micro electronics
  • Microcontrollers and embedded software
  • Novel sensor design and development
  • Advanced control and decision making systems, (including neural networks, fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence)
  • High-level software, data mining, semantic data interchange
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical engineering
  • Thermal management and heat recovery
  • Energy systems, efficiency optimisation and renewable energy technologies

UK-ISRI has a long history of supporting SMEs in research, having successfully delivered and managed more than 250 national and international collaborative R&D projects over the last decade.

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Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation (Tecnalia) is the leading private and independent research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, employing 1475 people (188 of whom hold PhDs). Tecnalia operates in all fields of today’s and tomorrow’s industry: Industry and Transport, Information and Communication Technologies, Building, Energy and Environment, Innovation Systems and Health and Quality of Life.

Tecnalia is very active in the EU FP7 programme, participating in 264 projects and coordinating 64 of them and its turnover was €113m in 2011. In the field of Intellectual Property Rights, Tecnalia has 24 patents pending, 108 patents granted and 3 patents licensed, with a return of €2m per year.

Tecnalia participates in the High Level Group of European Technological Platform for Researching in Manufacturing (ManuFuture), coordinating the multi-annual work plan for the "Factories of the Future" JTI/PPP; and is represented in the executive board of the European Technological Platform for Researching in Robotics (EUROP), in the board of the European Robotics Research Network (EURON) and in the Advanced Research & Technology for Embedded Systems (ARTEMIS).

Three different departments are involved in the RapidHeat project:

  • Materials for Advanced Systems Department
  • The Analysis and Design Group
  • The Materials for Energy Group

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ADI group is a large, multi-disciplined engineering group of companies offering a comprehensive service for managing industrial and non-residential buildings. Services include Building and Facilities Management, Electrical Installation, Mechanical installation, Climate systems, Control Panel manufacture, process control and environmental services.

Our Building Management services involve full design, supply, installation and maintenance of building management systems (BMS). Our Inditherm service involves bespoke low voltage heating solutions for tanks and pipes for process industries.

Our environmental business specialises in offering water and air hygiene, environmental, food safety and energy management solutions to a wide range of industries. The group of companies employ approximately 350 staff.

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